Who We Are

Beats Balance Flow is a Movement and Music Activation.

Kari J. and DJ RyToast are the vivacious duo that make up BBF.

Their passion is music and yoga, and their vision is clear. They specialize in bringing high energy vibes and dope music to conscious spaces. Expect postures that get your blood pumping, beats that move your soul, spontaneous booty shaking, and to feel great after your practice. The duo create a sacred environment where everyone is welcome. Whether you are on a journey to deepen your personal practice or just curious about yoga and want to give it a try, they are saving a mat for you!

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What We Do

We create an environment for yoga, conscious conversation, socializing and networking. Driven and empowered by women entrepreneurs.

Vintage clothing booth. Medicinal marijuana educator. Hot tea. Hard kombucha. Homemade salsa. Raw vegan chef. Crafted oils. Vegan Chocolatier. Expert Picklemeister. Crystals. Candles. Cruelty-free Makeup. We could go on. All of our artisans offer a service or a sample of something to get acquainted, some even create experiences right on sight.

We’ve cultivated a really dope and supportive community of teachers, students, yogis, painters, DJs, musicians, ceramicists, jewelry makers, beverage creators, artisans and INTERESTING HUMANS! Don’t miss our monthly events with our team of Ohmies. Send us a message to get updates for Beats Balance Flow!

We’re always looking for new co-collaborators to grow with. If you’re interested in joining the crew as a vendor, OR want to bring BBF to your next birthday party, holiday event, full moon party or festival, drop us a line through our contact page or email beatsbalanceflow@gmail.com


Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

You can spend a lifetime pursuing the adoration of those who know little about you, or you can spend this moment with those who know you best, those who get you, who give you a sense that you’ve lived lifetimes together, lifetimes ago; those with whom you have the most precious of connections.
It is far better to be truly seen than to be merely recognized. Today, be with the closest people in your life. Settle in with them and let no one else be more important than they are.


Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.

We believe deeply that women are the fabric of communities. We have woven together a tribe of fantastically talented and passionate women who support each other and continue to create and inspire the people around them.


Meet Ry on the dance floor and stretch it out at Kari’s public classes. See what they’re up to on the insta-journey @rytoast @kari924 or check them out by clicking below.