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Namaste As Fuck

Apparel that talks back

We love NAF because we couldn't find any clothes that represented how we really feel in chair pose - so Alex Tacket, owner & creator, took matters into her own hands to bring you quality, sweatshop-free yoga apparel.

Namaste As Fuck is a female-yogi-owned and operated company. They unapologetically make space for ALL of the feelings and experiences that come along with yoga practice and really, life in general. NAF MISSION: By taking the time to work through the shitty feelings in a healthy way, we can make space to feel the way we want to.



The Rogue Pony

Play dress up and get styled to the maxx!

Jess Rabbit brings style to the party. She has a dope, well curated collection of fun flared vintage finds. The Rogue Pony all started with a lovely little thrifting habit. Traveling and creating have inspired Jess to explore her passion for upcycled fashion that expresses her wild wanderlust lifestyle. She enjoys the journey, seeking out unique vintage from all over the world, as well as handcrafting and collaborating with artists for custom styles. Feeling your highest self, practicing self love, and getting in touch with your individuality and inner Unicorn is what drives The Rogue Pony to continue thrifting and thriving.



The Tea Drop Trailer

Where the HOT TEA is always FREE

Megan Pagoda is the talented wonder and brainchild behind Tea Drop. If you want creative inspiration, spend five seconds with this magical creature. The Tea Drop is a mobile cafe cart and tea house on wheels that features teas to compliment any time of day, occasion or event. You can find Megan and her team of droppers at festivals, farmers markets, movie sets and Beats Balance Flow events!

She also offers to-go loose-leafs, tinctures, extracts, tea-tree toothpicks, and tea accessories for sale. Megan is an ambassador to tea and an educator for plant medicines. Tea Drop creates an atmosphere with a similar vibe to a coffee shop (minus the coffee) where people can come relax, be entertained, share ideas, and interact with each other.



Skin Food Body Love

Lifestyle Beauty Expertise

Coleen Janeway is the creator of SFBL and is always a crowd pleaser! She is a prolific beauty expert, skin-food chef, and guru on all things plant based. She is a Editor and Director of Lifestyle & Beauty for Lapalme Magazine.

Coleen has extensive knowledge in foods that harm or help your skin and she is also a firm believer in the power of plant medicine. She’s got her signature Om Mushroom supplement powder and CBD Cannabliss skin care products on deck. Plus she ALWAYS BRINGS SNACKS and prepacks a homemade paleo-vegan granola that’s the tits!!!


Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 3.02.50 PM.png

Oakes Studio

Of the Clay

Oakes Studio is a small-batch ceramic goods company based in El Segundo, California. Inspired by people and the objects that connect us to nature, Oakes Studio’s collection of vessels and tableware strive to enhance everyday rituals and bring people together.

Kathleen Oakes is the talented artist behind the ceramic masterpieces. She is for sure a female goddess connected deeply to Mother Earth and grounded in community and her family. You can definitely see how Katie's personality shines through her art in her connection to earth and how nature plays a role in her pieces.

Come watch Katie throw clay live at our Beats Balance Flow events!



CrushXO MakeUp

Be the Beauty Be the Change




Electric Temple Jewelry

Gold: The Cosmic Fire

GOLD. Created by the cosmic fire of two colliding stars, gold is dust from the Solar System's birth. Sacred electric fireworks produced this magic metal. Wearing gold, you feel its electricity, power, and strength. Gold has healing properties, protects, and creates spiritual peace by opening the Chakras. The body loves to be adorned with gold, especially talisman, symbols that speak straight to the Soul.

Each piece in the Electric Temple collection is designed and cast by hand in India, custom-made with intention and devotion. Gold magnifies the healing power of stones when they are set in jewelry. All gems and diamonds are cut to create prisms that break sunlight into different vibrations, which heal the body, calm the mind, and cleanse the chakras. Each piece is purified and blessed under the moon too.

We are all made of stars. Our jewelry should be too. Electric Temple. Wear the magic.




Dime Nails LA

Nail Art for Queens